Interview with the owner of GT Rent

Stefano Turrini - CEO & CO-FOUNDER GTRENT

RIMINI. It all started in the early 2000s since I started playing for the first time in New York and Moscow, Beijing and New Delhi. The G and the T of GTRent Luxury Car is played in fact on the automobile acronym, but it is a signify Giuliani and Turrini. Marco Giuliani and Stefano Turrini for the precision, Romagna romagnolo of 41 years that together with the Bolognese partner has literally put the turbo to that youthful passion through the experience with registered office under the Two Towers, but 'corner' in the most exclusive Italian tourist capitals and European (from Rimini to Montecarlo, Porto Cervo, Milan ...) and a clientele that spans the various continents.

Turrini, let's start from the beginning.

«About fifteen years ago, as a teenager, it's a passion for sports cars that has been found around Italy, but we did not find a service that lived up to our expectations, so we decided to bet on this sector and we decided to go it alone, healing the gaps on which we have banged our noses ».

Explain it better.

"Our idea is that of a certain type is always a beautiful business card: We can meet the needs of having our own property and today, after a lot of work, we are proud to own our fleet of about ten vehicles , mainly Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, all of the latest generation and full optional, which we replace every 24-36 months. This is the way in which I find myself talking in Italy and in Southern Europe ".

Very often it is thought that the face is rented for the classic "sburonata" of the wish but I can not ...

"I would like to dispel this myth all Romagna / Italian for which he does not allow it: today many operators, although quiet, buy super cars instead prefer to rent them if necessary (that is only to remove the always exciting whim of the guide or as an image tool for a business appointment) because they do not have all the burdens and problems of ownership (stamp, superbollo, maintenance, devaluation ...) and countless advantages in addition. In addition to the carefree, they are always easier to use, they are always available, of the latest generation, meticulously kept and continuously renewed, brought to the house ... the solidity of our customers is then always the security deposit, equal to 10% the value of the vehicle, which must be issued as a guarantee even if returned at the end of the rental: and for a Lamborghini of 250,000 euros it is easy to reckon ... Also for this our core business in the summer is related to the tourist for a weekend or less, while in winter when the requests are special for the entire mountain we have created various proposals for Italian customers for rentals of four-five months that there are more level machines and have become loyal. Add determined one has a family brand ».


«He wants the whole family with the same brand and after Audi now has Porsche choice: he changes it on average every 4/5 months, now has our Porsche Carrera 991 4S Cabriolet but is already waiting to replace it with the new Porsche Carrera GTS4 Coupé that we have ordered and will be registered for the end of January. While his wife and daughter suffered a Panamera Diesel and a Macan; for them, instead of the car intended for 24/36 months, we rented a long term in which we are in fact consultants as well as in the choice of model and configuration also in the search and in the definition of the contract with the most reliable provider. competitive according to their needs ".

What is the identikit of the most assiduous client?

«We are dealing with foreigners living all over the world who are looking for certain types of cars for holidays or business trips, so much so that we bring them to Italy and Southern Europe (Switzerland, Montecarlo, Cannes, Geneva, but we have arrived in in Italy the most popular areas are Porto Cervo and Tuscany, in particular Forte dei Marmi and Valle del Chianti.In Emilia Romagna there is less market of this kind, because we are too much money and because my courage is "I want to spend a lot , because otherwise to say that it is not very good "».

In these ten years, do you feel a change in the type of foreign customers?

"The Russian remains a constant, as the American would say, lately there has been great growth of Arabs, Chinese and Indians. Precisely for this reason, beyond the simple rental, our work is made of relationships with luxury hotels (an Indian took for example three chalets for Christmas in Cortina d'Ampezzo from an operator we work with), prestigious villas or yachts, agencies and tour operators in Italy and abroad. Then it depends a lot on the periods and the seasons: this year for example there was a boom of arrivals of wealthy people in Italy also because terrorism here fortunately did not hit ».

In addition to cars, do you meet other requests?

«Having a very demanding clientele, it is normal to ask for additional services and over the years we have opened further partnerships: today we are therefore able to provide both helicopters and high-level yachts».

What do they ask you on the Riviera and in Emilia Romagna?

«The luxury car hire for weddings (even if in the south goes a lot more, even in our country is a required product) and the long-term rental is growing very strongly. Always as a local business, many use our luxury cars for promotional purposes, those who make photo shoots to their product, some as a true advertising tool: a Lamborghini that runs around the city branded with its own logo is rather observed ... summer in Rimini I took part personally to the recordings of 'Mtv Supershow' providing the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 with which Elettra Lamborghini arrived for the filming. And another Lamborghini we have supplied for the fashion show of the designer Philip Plain in June 2017 ended up all the Tg. Then there are those who organize test drives and pay tribute to their customers or who gives the exciting GT Tour in Supercar and events on the track: for an important company we have matched them both here in Emilia Romagna to 20 managers, they have driven Ferrari at the Misano circuit ".

The most particular requests that you have heard?

«A boy from Milan rented the Lamborghini Huracan for a whole weekend, on Saturday he showed off all over the coast, he went to dinner first, then he went to a well known nightclub in Riccione, parking right in front of the 'entrance. Knowing already that he would have drunk, he immediately asked us to organize his return to the hotel with a chauffeur-driven car rental and the recovery of the car from the disco right under his hotel to have it ready to be used upon waking up: it is an option that we have since inserted in our "menu". With the satellite supplied on each car, it has also happened to notice, for example, that a customer who had taken a Porsche and held it for a very high season in Porto Cervo and has made it less than 500 kilometers in all, we have then he realized that in addition to the luxury car he had also rented a villa and a stratospheric yacht ».