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Italy and Europe is in ideal continent for hiring luxury cars from all kinds. When you plan to hire a Rolls-Royce, you really require that the place you are traveling to fits the car's beauty and power.

Everything began in 1904, when Henry Royce, craft manufacturer of automobiles, realized three models with a 1.8 twin cylinder engine, which captivated the dealer Henry Edmunds, who acquired a specimen. Impressed by the characteristics and peculiarities of the model, the manufacturer decided to get in touch with Charles Rolls, a very important retailer in the UK, to begin their collaboration. In fact, the perfect understanding of the two created a company: The Rolls-Royce Limited, founded in 1906. The following year, the company presented its first car: the 40/50 h.p., better known as Silver Ghost, characterized by its silent six cylinders in-line-engine, at that time considered one of the best cars in the world. Rolls and Royce had distinct roles within the company; the first was in charge of public relations and financial management of the company, while Royce was in charge of implementing the cars. With the death of Charles Rolls in 1910 due to a plane crash (the airline industry was his other passion), Royce finds himself alone to run the business. In 1922, the Company launched the Twenty (cheaper than the Silver Ghost), and in 1925 the Phantom I, an evolution of the Ghost. But the real breakthrough only came in 1929 with the Phantom II. The engine was the same as the previous model but with the addition of a new chassis. The production was halted during the war, and resumed only in 1946 with the transfer to new headquarters in Crewe, northwest England. The brand, however, witnessed a crisis in the 50s and 60s, because sophisticated models were created with an old and not advanced technology. The brand was saved and nationalized by the British government. After being sold to Vikers and owned by Volkswagen together with Bentley, since 2003, the brand has returned to shine thanks to BMW, that in 1998 founded the Rolls-Royce Motors, its current name.

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