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Discover Italy in a Supercar:

A Unique Journey of Culture and Adrenaline

♦ Discover the unique charm of GTRent's GT Tours, a luxury driving experience that combines the thrill of driving high-end supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini with exploring picturesque routes and famous destinations in Italy. These tours are not just an opportunity to experience the excitement of driving a supercar but a complete journey that integrates luxury, culture, and culinary adventures, perfect for couples seeking a romantic adventure or groups of friends looking to share unforgettable moments.
♦ We offer customizable and flexible tours, ideal for exploring Italy's winding roads and breathtaking landscapes, optimizing the trip to make the most of the best seasons. Whether you're looking for a Ferrari tour or a Lamborghini tour, GTRent ensures a unique experience, combining luxury car driving with Italy's cultural and scenic charm.
♦ Participate in our exclusive tours, starting from European metropolises like Paris or Berlin and crossing spectacular landscapes before diving into Italy's cultural richness. Each GTRent tour is enriched with stops at gourmet restaurants, visits to renowned wineries, and stays in luxury hotels, offering an experience that goes beyond just driving a supercar.
♦ With GTRent, every detail is crafted to provide an unforgettable experience, perfect for couple's trips, group excursions, or corporate incentives. You will find examples of already conducted tours, ideal for inspiration and customizing your trip according to the seasons, ensuring you visit places at their best time. Book your GT Tour with GTRent now: an exclusive adventure that combines the elegance of supercars with the discovery of Italian wonders.

Customized Design of Your GT Tours

Tailored Experiences: Create Your Ideal Supercar Journey

The GT Tours by GTRent are the result of a meticulous design process, where every detail contributes to creating a unique luxury driving experience. Every aspect, from the prestigious supercars to the spectacular routes, is chosen to exceed your expectations and create unforgettable moments.

♦ Selection of Supercars: We choose each car for its exceptional performance and unique design, ensuring a safe and thrilling driving experience. Every moment behind the wheel becomes an unforgettable memory.
♦ Unique Itineraries: We go beyond visual beauty in choosing our itineraries. We look for roads that offer an unmatched driving experience, taking you through the most enchanting regions of Italy and Europe.
♦ Luxury Accommodations and Culinary Experiences: Our tours include luxury accommodations and exclusive culinary experiences, ensuring comfort, taste, and refinement at every stage of your journey.
♦ Commitment to Safety and Assistance: A team of professionals is always ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth and worry-free driving experience.
♦ Choosing the Accommodations and Restaurants: We pay great attention to the selection of hotels and restaurants, focusing on luxury, quality, and excellence in hospitality to make every moment of your journey a memorable experience.
♦ The Ideal Time for Tours: We carefully analyze the best time for tours, considering climate conditions, local events, and other key factors to optimize your experience.

The GT Tours by GTRent are tailor-made to satisfy the desires of supercar enthusiasts, offering a journey into the excellence of luxury and driving. Prepare to live an experience that exceeds all expectations, where your driving pleasure is our top priority.

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