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Are you planning a business trip or a holiday in Italy or Europe? With GTRent, immerse yourself in an unparalleled luxury car rental experience. We are the Italian brand that has redefined the concept of luxury and prestige in the car rental sector.

♦ Your Experience with Us Our story begins with a dream: to give you an unforgettable driving experience. Today, we are a benchmark for those seeking professionalism and tailor-made services, with a fleet that includes prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.
♦ Your Choices, Our Cars Whether you desire the charm of a Ferrari, the power of a Lamborghini, or the elegance of a Porsche, our fleet is ready to meet every wish you have. We select each vehicle to ensure exceptional performance and a remarkable driving experience.
♦ Our Services, Your Comfort We commit to offering you high-quality services. Beyond car rental, we ensure vehicle delivery wherever you are in Italy and Southern Europe, with dedicated 24/7 assistance. In case of technical problems, we guarantee immediate vehicle replacement to keep your adventure uninterrupted.
♦ Easy Booking and Personalized Assistance With strategic locations in various Italian cities and Southern Europe, we are ready to serve you wherever you wish to go. Booking is easy: visit our website, fill out the request form, and one of our dedicated consultants will guide you through every detail, offering you a personalized quote.

GTRent stands for elegance, prestige, and a burning passion for luxury cars. For your next trip, choose excellence, choose GTRent for a luxury car rental experience that exceeds all expectations.

Are you looking for an exotic and luxury

car for your special trip in Italy ?

"Dear car enthusiasts and friends of unforgettable journeys, we are Stefano Turrini and Marco Giuliani, the beating hearts of GTRent. When we founded this company, our dream was to transform every journey into an extraordinary experience, a moment that remains etched in memory as a masterpiece of emotions and luxury.

With GTRent, you enter a world where car rental reaches new heights of excellence. Our cars, from Ferrari to Lamborghini, from Maserati to Porsche, are more than just means of transportation: they are icons of style, cutting-edge engineering, and pure passion on four wheels. Every time you take the wheel, it's not just a journey, it's an ode to beauty and power.

Our personalized service is designed for you, for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary, for those who always seek that something extra. From the moment you choose your favorite car until its delivery to the location you have chosen, every detail is taken care of with the utmost attention and professionalism. Whether you're planning a business trip to Milan, a romantic getaway along the Amalfi Coast, or an adventure in the Tuscan hills, we at GTRent are here to turn every one of your desires into reality.

We believe in transparency and integrity. That's why we offer clear prices and conditions without surprises. Your trust is our most precious asset, and we work every day to deserve your choice.

With GTRent, every journey becomes a work of art on the road, a symphony of unforgettable sensations. We are here for you, to make every one of your trips not just a journey, but an experience that leaves you breathless, exceeding all expectations.

Come and discover the world of GTRent, where luxury, passion, and professionalism merge to offer you unique moments. Stefano Turrini, Marco Giuliani, and the entire GTRent team are waiting to start this magnificent adventure together with you. Book now and immerse yourself in the pure emotion of luxury driving." 

CEO & Co Founder GTRent

Don't miss the exclusive interview with Stefano Turrini below, to learn more about this extraordinary adventure conducted by Elite Auto Journeys Review.




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The Path

to Excellence

GT Rent was established to transcend the founders' dissatisfaction with the existing sports car rental services. Our mission is clear: to offer not just luxury cars but a total luxury experience with the client at the heart of everything we do. Our fleet, boasting exclusive models from renowned brands like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini across four categories - supercars, SUVs, convertibles, and executive cars - is meticulously selected to ensure the best in innovation, luxury, and performance.



My Friend Come to Italy

by Stefano Turrini

Dear Friend, Before delving into this letter, I want to share a fundamental principle of GT Rent: each client is a friend. It's with this philosophy that I write to you, not just as the owner of GT Rent, but as a friend eager to reveal a unique and unforgettable way to experience Italy and Europe.

Imagine being behind the wheel of a Ferrari, winding through the Tuscan roads, or driving a Lamborghini along the glistening French Riviera. These are not mere driving experiences; they are emotional journeys that awaken ...




In our experience in this business, both initially as customers and as "suppliers", which we are since 2006, we've had our fair share of unprofessionalism and ruthless personalities to deal with. From worn-out cars with their tachometers still requiring a first check, all the way to security deposits being completely withheld due to a little scratch on the bodywork. We at GTRENT have decided to stand up among the mass, not only in terms of being different, but also for being the best, and we go all out in order to impress ...


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