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GT Experience

"GT EXPERIENCE" offers you the opportunity to become part of an exclusive world, with the goal of making you live the most memorable and thrilling experiences of your life. Driving supercars like the latest models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche is a privilege reserved for those who aim for uncompromising excellence. Admiring the spectacular landscapes of Italy and Europe, enjoying the typical gastronomy of our regions, letting your palate be delighted by the finest wines directly from the production cellars is in itself a wonderful experience; lived aboard a supercar or a luxury yacht it transforms into an “extraordinary” experience. All of this is “GT EXPERIENCE”.

A journey to fully enjoy the luxury lifestyle, a corporate event to reward managers and VIP clients, an individual or group test drive, or a sport driving experience directly at some of the most renowned Italian racetracks like Imola, Misano, or Monza translate into unique events so much so as to leave an indelible memory in the mind of anyone. Driving on the roads of famous sporting competitions like the 1000 Miglia or the city circuit of the Principality of Monaco and stepping into the shoes of a Formula 1 driver, always in absolute safety, is a pure adrenaline rush flowing through your veins.

Choosing the most exclusive and renowned locations to organize your events or deciding to participate in initiatives reserved for a highly selected audience is possible! You only need to express your desires.

GT Luxury Tour

Experience the unique thrill of the GT Luxury Tours by GTRent, an adventure that goes far beyond just driving a supercar. These tours are not just trips, they are an exploration into the heart of luxury and elegance, where you become the protagonist. Drive the world's most coveted supercars, like Ferrari and Lamborghini, and be captivated by a journey through the most exclusive locations in Italy and Southern Europe.

♦ Beyond Driving: A Complete Sensory Experience: With the GT Luxury Tours by GTRent, every road, landscape, aroma, and flavor transforms into an indelible memory. The adrenaline of high-speed driving merges with the comfort and sophistication of the world's finest supercars, offering you moments of pure joy.

♦ Discover Enchanted Places and Fascinating Culture: From the picturesque Tuscan villages to the vibrant cities of Milan and Rome, from the crystal-clear waters of Sardinia to the elegant streets of the French Riviera, each stage is a unique experience. Stay in prestigious hotels and savor the fine dining of Michelin-starred restaurants, enjoying exclusive experiences that only a GT Luxury Tour by GTRent can offer.

♦ Exclusive Services for a Dream Journey: With GTRent, you'll receive world-class services. From the delivery of your supercar to the management of every detail of your trip, our team of experts ensures a flawless experience. A GT Tour Director, dedicated hostesses, a professional photographer, and luggage transport services are just some of the attentions designed for you.

♦ A Dream Come to Life: Booking a GT Luxury Tour with GTRent means immersing yourself in a dream, where every moment becomes a memorable experience. This is not just a trip; it's an adventure that will stay with you forever, combining adrenaline, luxury, and beauty into an unparalleled experience.

Choose GTRent for your next trip and prepare to discover the magic of the GT Luxury Tours.

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Incentives, Events, and Team Building

Immerse Yourself in a World of Extraordinary Emotions with GT Rent

Join us to discover a universe of unique opportunities for your company through GT Rent's Incentives, Events, and Team Building services. Our programs are designed to unleash passion, enthusiasm, and human connection in a way that exceeds expectations.

Imagine rewarding your employees or clients with unforgettable experiences that will leave them breathless, offering them the opportunity to take the wheel of the world's most prestigious supercars. Every moment with GT Rent is a journey into the exceptional, an opportunity to celebrate success in a unique style.

Our exclusive corporate events transform iconic locations into unforgettable settings, taking care of every detail to create experiences that will be etched in everyone's memory. From the most renowned Italian cities to captivating European destinations, GT Rent adds a touch of Italian world-class elegance to every event.

Our captivating Team Building is designed to strengthen the bonds among your team members, offering them the chance to share unique emotions. From laps on the track with professional drivers to adventures through breathtaking landscapes, GT Rent creates moments that turn groups into teams united by passion and determination.

Choose excellence, choose GT Rent to elevate the corporate experience to new emotional heights. Step into a world of deep connections and memorable celebrations, because with us, every occasion is an opportunity to experience the extraordinary.

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Urban Test Drives

Feel the Pulse of the City throbbing in your veins. Experience pure adrenaline as the majestic roar of Ferrari and Lamborghini echoes through your streets, resonating between alleys and squares, an irresistible call for every car enthusiast. Every ride with GTRENT is not just driving, it's a symphony of power and prestige, a concert of engines playing the melody of luxury and speed.

The Unique Experiences awaiting you at every turn are not just a journey, but an exhilarating adventure. Our cars are not mere means of transport, but emblems of freedom and excitement, vehicles that transform every route into an unforgettable experience. Driving one of these cars means not just holding the steering wheel, but embracing a dream on wheels, elevating your spirit and enchanting the soul of the city with its majestic presence.

In our urban test drives, every moment is a masterpiece of emotions. You become the absolute protagonist of the urban stage, with a narrative that exalts the luxury and elegance of Italian engineering, a true ballet of mechanics and design that captivates and seduces. GTRENT combines the passion for driving with the art of living, turning every journey into an exciting path to success.

With GTRENT, every street, every corner of the city becomes a stage for your brand. Embrace the thrill, be enveloped by passion, and transform the city into a canvas on which to paint your story. Book now your urban test drive with GTRENT and become the protagonist of your success story, writing each chapter with the rumble of an engine and the allure of an unparalleled experience.

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Supercar Track Days

Discover the thrill of high-performance driving with GTRENT's Track Days, the perfect choice for supercar enthusiasts, corporate team building events, or an unforgettable day with friends. We offer access to some of the most iconic circuits in Italy and Europe, where you can drive world-renowned supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

Our carefully selected fleet features both professional racing cars and luxury street models, meeting the needs of every driver, from beginners to experts. Thanks to the guidance of our qualified instructors, each participant will have the opportunity to explore the full potential of these exceptional machines in a safe and controlled environment.

GTRENT's Track Days are the ideal choice for companies looking for an original and stimulating team building activity. These experiences not only strengthen team spirit and improve collaboration but also offer an exciting break from the work routine. They are equally perfect for groups of friends seeking a unique adventure or as the perfect gift for all enthusiasts dreaming of testing their driving skills.

By booking one of our track days, you will have the chance to live an unforgettable experience: driving a luxury supercar on some of the most famous circuits. With GTRENT, every lap on the track becomes an exciting adventure, offering a perfect mix of adrenaline, performance, and driving pleasure. Don't miss the opportunity to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience, ideal for both corporate events and motor enthusiasts.

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