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Custom Urban Adrenaline

Discover the pure thrill of GTRENT's urban test drives. Each year, we bring the adrenaline of prestigious Ferrari and Lamborghini cars to your cities, offering exclusive routes over 10 km. Feel the power and grace of urban design in your hands, a one-of-a-kind adventure.

But GTRENT is more than just a test drive. It's a mobile showcase for your business. Customize these magnificent machines with your brand and watch your enterprise become a star on the urban roads. A branded Ferrari or Lamborghini is not just a car: it's a mobile billboard that attracts glances and creates unforgettable memories.

For corporate events or marketing initiatives, GTRENT offers a tailored service. Our consultants will guide you at every step, transforming a test drive into a powerful promotional tool.

Book now with GTRENT. Let the luxury and elegance of urban cars narrate your story, turning every street into a stage for your success. With GTRENT, every ride is an exciting journey towards visibility

Driving to Success

The Art of the Test Drive in Your City

You're about to embark on an exhilarating adventure with our GTRENT test drive, where every turn brings new emotions and every acceleration tells the story of your brand. Here's how we'll make this dream a reality:

  1. Objective Definition: Let's be clear. What kind of event are you dreaming of? What goals do you want to achieve? Whether it's for a product launch or an unforgettable experience for your customers, what you desire is at the heart of our mission.
  2. Dream Vehicles: Choose the Ferrari and Lamborghini models that make your heart beat faster. Each model, a symbol of power and elegance.
  3. Brilliant Customization: Brand the cars with your logo. Transform them into mobile canvases that express your message in every corner of the city.
  4. Audience and Participants: Who do you want to impress? VIP clients, employees, or a broader audience? Tell us who they are, and we'll create a tailored experience for them.
  5. Date and Urban Stage: Let's choose together the perfect date and the city that will become our stage. Every road, a chapter of your story.
  6. Exciting Route: Urban routes or mountain roads? We'll design a route that enhances driving and your brand.
  7. Logistics and Organization: From parking to signage, we'll take care of every detail. Your only concern will be to enjoy the event.
  8. Safety and Serenity: Utmost priority to safety. With us, excitement doesn't compromise responsibility.
  9. Budget and Planning: We'll define together a budget that reflects your expectations and goals, ensuring a spectacular event without surprises.
  10. Feedback and Growth: After the event, we want to know how it went. Your feedback is our guiding light to improve and grow together.
  11. Marketing and Communication: Let's talk about your communication strategy. Are you ready to amaze the world, or can we help?
  12. The Additional Magic: Do you have sponsors to involve? Need a photographer or a videographer? Tell us more, and we'll make sure to turn every moment into an unforgettable memory.

With us, every detail is an opportunity to enhance your brand and create an experience that leaves a mark. Let yourself be guided on this exciting journey, where luxury meets passion and every road transforms into a stage for your success.


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