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GT Rent positions itself as a leader in organizing exclusive corporate events and luxury incentives, catering to the most prestigious global companies. With a strong emphasis on "Made in Italy," we offer services that blend passion, emotion, and superior quality, perfect for meeting the needs of top managers and the most discerning clients.
Our excellence in luxury driving experiences in Italy and Europe is showcased through a selection of top-tier supercars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche. These elite vehicles take center stage in our events, designed to exceed every expectation and create unforgettable moments.
The logistics at GT Rent are tailored to ensure maximum safety and the smooth flow of the experience. Our experienced staff assists guests at every step, and advanced communication systems ensure safety even on public roads. We provide customized solutions for every type of event, from promotional test drives in urban settings to GT Luxury Tours through the wonders of Italy and Europe, and even professional driver-led track experiences, guaranteeing a unique and exciting engagement for participants.
Our events take place in various locations, from major Italian cities like Milan, Rome, and Florence, to iconic European destinations like the French Riviera and the Northern Lakes. Our versatility allows us to organize events for groups of varying sizes, from 10 to 1,000 people, with activities that can range from one hour to several days.
At GT Rent, every detail is carefully crafted to transform corporate incentives into unique masterpieces, making each event an exceptional experience. Choosing GT Rent means immersing yourself in a world where passion for luxury cars and speed come together to create memorable events. We are the ideal choice for those who want to express their "thank you" and "well done" in a meaningful and unforgettable way. With us, every corporate milestone becomes an exclusive adventure, where each lap symbolizes recognition of hard work and talent.
For a corporate event or incentive that leaves an indelible mark, choose the excellence of GT Rent.

Plan Your Incentive Event

Steps Towards Unforgettable Corporate Experiences

To organize a successful incentive event and prepare a detailed quote, it's crucial that you provide us with the following key information:

  1. Type of Event and Specific Objectives: Understanding whether the event is focused on team building, staff recognition, customer loyalty, or other specific goals.
  2. Number of Participants: Knowing the number of people involved helps with logistical planning and activity selection.
  3. Budget: Having an idea of the available budget allows us to propose realistic and optimized solutions.
  4. Preferred Dates or Event Period: Dates affect the availability of locations and services.
  5. Duration of the Event: Essential to know whether the event will last a few hours, a whole day, or more.
  6. Location Preferences: Determine specific preferences for the location, such as cities, particular regions, or types of environments (e.g., urban, natural).
  7. Desired Experience Type and Extra Activities: Describe the desired driving experience, like track laps or road tours, and consider adding exclusive experiences such as yacht tours, helicopter scenic flights, or golf sessions at prestigious locations.
  8. Participants' Driving Experience Level, Age, and Gender: Information about driving experience, age, and gender of participants to customize the difficulty level and safety of the activities.
  9. Additional Services Required: Services such as catering, accommodation, transport, special equipment, photography or video services, interpreters, tour guides.
  10. Special Requirements: Any special requests or needs, such as disability access, dietary restrictions, or language preferences.
  11. Feedback or Past Experiences: Information about similar past events you have organized or participated in.


To proceed with customizing your event and detailing the quote, we invite you to book a consultation session with our team of experts at GT Rent. During this call, we will delve deeper into your needs, offer you innovative ideas, and ensure that every aspect of your event is meticulously taken care of, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience perfectly aligned with your expectations.

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Plan Your Consultation Call:

Choose the ideal time for your consultation. Our expert will be available to assist you, providing in-depth information and answering every question, ensuring a personalized and attentive service.

Choose or Create Your Perfect Event:

During the call, examine the available dates for upcoming events and select the package you prefer. For an even more personalized experience, design your custom event with the support of our consultant.

Receive a Detailed and Personalized Quote:

You will receive a tailored quote based on your rental needs, ensuring that every detail of the service exactly matches your expectations.

Confirm and Start Your Experience:

Our booking process is simple and secure. You will receive all the necessary information for a smooth and transparent transaction, starting the countdown to the beginning of your unforgettable experience.