1 Day Milan& Como Lake Ferrari GT Tour

Milan - Como Lake

1 Day Ferrari Tour

GT Rent revolutionizes the concept of travel, offering an exclusive self-drive tour experience that combines supreme luxury with the essence of Gran Turismo. Discover unique journeys, custom-made to immerse you in the Italian way of life, blending art, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, and spectacular scenery.

With GT Rent, experience being part of a genuine Ferrari team. We provide the opportunity to personally drive the latest Ferrari models, cruising on the winding and challenging roads of Lombardy, testing your driving prowess.

Savor the atmosphere of the world's fashion capital, enjoy shopping in the most exclusive boutiques, and dine in glamorous restaurants frequented by the international jet-set. While you relish these moments, the GT Rent team meticulously cares for every detail of the Ferraris. Every morning, find your car in front of the hotel, cleaned, polished, refueled, and checked, ready for another day of exhilarating driving through breathtaking landscapes.

Milan → Cernobbio→Bellagio→ Lecco→Milan 


8:00 AM - Adventure Starts from Milan: Your journey begins at an exclusive location outside Milan. Here, the GT Rent Tour Director greets you with a warm welcome and an authentic Italian coffee. Admire your Ferrari, ready for the road, and receive an in-depth briefing on the Ferrari models available for rental: F8 Tributo, F8 Spider, 296 GTS, Roma Spider, SF90 Spider, Portofino M. Learn about the unique Ferrari engines.

9:30 AM - Departure Towards Lake Como: Feel like a star as you traverse the scenic roads towards Lake Como. Be amazed by the power and elegance of your Ferrari, maintaining constant contact with the Tour Director via mobile radio.

11:00 AM - Stop in Cernobbio: Arrive in Cernobbio, where elegance and history merge. Enjoy a break at the majestic Villa d'Este, savoring a refined drink. Here, you also have the option to swap driving seats with your partner, sharing the unique experience of driving a Ferrari.

1:00 PM - Arrival in Bellagio: Bellagio welcomes you with its unique charm. Dine at La Goletta restaurant in Villa Serbelloni, enjoying Michelin-starred dishes in an atmosphere that stimulates all senses.

→ Lunch in Bellagio
Restaurant suggestion: La Goletta at Villa Serbelloni (1 Michelin star)

3:00 PM - Return Towards Lecco: Prepare for a breathtaking return to Lecco, along the Lake Como coast. Each turn offers a new spectacular view, alternating between natural and architectural landscapes.

5:00 PM - Conclusion in Milan: Return to Milan, where the tour concludes. Take home memories of an extraordinary day filled with emotions, luxury, and adventure.

Models Available for Rental:

♦ Ferrari F8 Tributo:
♦ Ferrari F8 Spider
♦ Ferrari 296 GTS
♦ Ferrari Roma Spider
♦ Ferrari SF90 Spider
♦ Ferrari Portofino M

Services Included in the GT Tour:

♦ Exclusive one-day Ferrari tour, with start and finish in Milan.
♦ Opportunity to drive the latest Ferrari models.
♦ Comprehensive Ferrari briefing and technical support throughout the tour.
♦ Full-kasko insurance for all Ferraris.
♦ Professional photo service to capture the most memorable moments.

Book your journey now with GT Rent and turn your passion for luxury and speed into an unforgettable adventure. Feel the excitement of driving a Ferrari on the enchanting roads of Lake Como, diving into the heart of Italian elegance and adrenaline!